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When Armed Security Services Become Necessary

three guards providing armed security servicesThe topic of gun control and gun safety has reached a boiling point in 2018. No matter where you stand on the subject, armed security services are still able to provide the safety and firepower for certain events or locations to be as safe from violence and harm as possible. If you’re in the El Paso area and you require armed security services, Platinum Factotum Security Service can help. Would you like to learn more about this particular branch of security? We’ve outlined a few of the most pertinent questions we receive in regards to our armed security guards and services. Read on to see if this is the right service for your needs.

Instances Where Armed Security Services May Be Needed

The need for armed security services used to be reserved for high-stakes events with famous individuals. Events which may include high-caliber politicians, actors, well-known entrepreneurs, or the like may necessitate a strong, armed security presence. But now, after the recent Las Vegas shooting, outdoor music festival organizers have cracked down on potential threats by hiring armed security to protect patrons and musicians. If anything were to occur, the security guards will be able to tend to the situation in a well-trained and effective manner. Armed guards may be necessary for banks or high-end stores, as well.

How Guards Qualify To Become Armed

In order to become part of the armed security service, security guards must undergo the specialized training. This training, in addition to having a clean record and a fundamental devotion to the safety of others, is intrinsic to providing optimum safety in the most high-stakes situations. Only those who complete the arduous armed security training can go on to become armed guards. If you require armed services, you can rest easy knowing those who make up the service team will have the training necessary to keep your patrons and location safe and free from harm.

Keep Your Next Event Safe with Armed Security Services in El Paso

If you have any questions or concerns regarding armed security services, we can help! Give Platinum Factotum Security Service a call today and we’ll provide the necessary guidance so you can make the right choice in regards to security services. No matter which kind of security service you decide on, we will go above and beyond in order to provide top-notch service.


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