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How Security Services Deter Crime

A security guard stands in the plaza of a business park, radioing to other guards that the perimeter is secure

In our years in the security business, we inevitably are asked the question: “Do security guards really deter crime and delinquent behavior?” Often, people aren’t convinced that security guards alter the behavior pattern of delinquents, and it’s easy to see why that is. In TV’s and movies, security guards are often portrayed as ineffective and incompetent, letting criminals have their way with little resistance.

Security guards are much like maintenance—they prevent catastrophic failure, but the very lack of a bad situation brings into question the need for the service at all. This is a dangerous fallacy, however, and in this article we discuss the need for security at your business or event. 

The Security Camera Effect

As the past decade has seen the proliferation of security camera technology across the U.S, the focus on their effectiveness has been scrutinized. Several studies have been conducted on the city, state, and even federal level regarding their effect on crime. The overall finding by these studies was that cameras do work—as long as criminals are convinced that someone on the other end is watching and will act.

Security guards work on the same principle, but are more capable in many ways. A security guard can act immediately with appropriate actions, where a camera cannot. 

The Benefit of Security Guards

The flaw of a security camera lies in the fact that there has to be a perceived threat associated with being caught on camera. With a live security guard, the consequence is obvious.

Whether they are armed or unarmed, our security guards are trained to handle any situation with the appropriate force. Most importantly, the sight of a cohesive security team will prevent any delinquent activity in most cases.

Choose Platinum Factotum For Your Business or Event

If you’re planning a big event or would like security for your establishment, Platinum Factotum Security Service can provide professional and effective security services. Contact us today to hire the best security in the Southwest. 

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