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How Security Companies May Change in the 21st Century

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For many in the security services industry, the turn of the century produced huge shockwaves that changed the way businesses operated. The heinous attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 2001 highlighted a threat that was only just being realized; the enemy of the future can strike at any time, with anything. With that, security companies were forced to adapt to the new threat at hand, and have become versatile and adaptable to any scenario and setting. Any great company, however, will look ahead as much as it observes the present. Here, we infer how security in the 21st century will change, and how we’ll adapt to match. 


When the word “war” is mentioned, most people think of a bloody conflict rife with grief, metal, and carnage. For most of human history, this would be an encompassing descriptor of war, but not now. As we speak, cyberwarfare is being conducted all over the globe, and right under our noses. In between these massive cyber operations, cyber terrorism threatens individual businesses and government entities with ransomware and viruses. Security firms still occupy a mostly physical space, but that may only represent half of the battle going forward.

Political and Social Polarization and Destabilization

As the disconnect grows between citizens and their governments, the risk of major conflict also grows. Waves of social activism, followed by government inaction or pushback, continue to cause rifts in the fabric of global life. In these environments, businesses can become targets, or even places like a grocery store, elementary school, or construction site. Security firms will have to closely monitor social and political trends to prevent violence against clients. 


It’s no secret that the U.S infrastructure system is in an appalling state of disrepair, especially given the incredible wealth that the country possesses. For other countries, this represents an easy way to grind the U.S to a halt, but the infrastructure may fail on its own before any foreign attack. Our dam systems, bridges, highways, and other major pieces of infrastructure are all points of potential disaster, and security firms may find themselves accounting for this variable more as the century drags on. 

Security You Can Trust

While the coming century will bring unique challenges, it is important to be ready for any situation. Platinum Factotum Security Service will protect you and your assets well into the 21st century because we pride ourselves on accounting for any scenario, at any time. Contact us today to see what we can protect for you today!

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