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Former Security and Body Guards Who Went On To Become Famous

found security guards standing on a streetSecurity guards are much more than big, tough guys who stand at bar entrances. Many security guards have gone on to do great things. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’d like to do your part in making the Sun City a better place, then you should consider joining Platinum Factotum Security Service. Below, we’ve compiled individuals who took on the role of bodyguard or security guard on their path towards fame.

Mr. T – American Icon/Muhammad Ali’s Bodyguard

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Laurence Tureaud, most commonly known as Mr. T, began his career as a bouncer in the late 1970s. It was during this time when he decided to don the iconic gold neck chains and other jewelry. (Funnily enough, the jewels he wore were often items customers lost or left behind.) He took his Mr. T persona on to his bodyguarding career, which lasted almost a decade. As his fame and reputation grew, Mr. T went on to become the bodyguard of many famous individuals, including Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, and Steve McQueen.

Michael Clark Duncan – Oscar Nominee/Notorious B.I.G.’s Bodyguard

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You might not know him by name but you can very well recognize Mr. Duncan from his Oscar-nominated role in The Green Mile as John Coffey. Duncan was born in Chicago, IL and worked as a house cleaner but he always had dreams and aspirations of becoming an actor so he moved to Hollywood, CA where he got cast in small roles. During his time in Hollywood, Duncan worked as a bodyguard. One of his most famous clients was Notorious B.I.G. Duncan was actually with Biggie on the night of his assassination.

Terry Crews – NFL Linebacker/Ice Cube’s Bodyguard/Actor

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Terry Crews is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. He currently portrays the lovable Sergeant Terry Jeffords on NBC’s Brooklyn 99. Before that, however, Crews was an NFL linebacker and even before that, Crews worked as rapper Ice Cube’s bodyguard.

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